Our team constantly promote worldwide the SOSENS approach to support any organization to create a SOSENS R&D department in their structure.

The benefits to create a SOSENS R&D in your organization:

  • Encouraging and developing a subtler, more respectful, intelligent and sophisticated form of management        

  • managers re-inventing their way to manage

All organizations need to process their functions and tasks automation is necessary to secure the results that have been planned; managers are becoming more and more automatic tasks coordinators with dashboard of KPI to control their results. As a consequence, human relationships have been impoverished and more and more inhibited. The manager manage less and less.           Human Resources departments are asked to compensate the lack of management and to solve relationship issues that should be handled by line managers. The SOSENS department brings artists in contact with all other departments and generate the opportunity for every team to build new forms of dialogue. Art’s inner 360 degrees openness and flexibility allows a different kind of exchange which, while remaining critical and real, is not aggressively intrusive or disrespectful of people personal opinion, religions and believes. This gives managers the opportunity to invent a different idea of leadership, with a more ethical and meaningful balance between their KPI and people development and needs.

·       Enhance creativity and team efficiency                                                                                                               

Artists will share their researches with everyone who will be put in condition to access them according to his/her own interest. Opposite to a polarized matter of like or dislike, such as today’s most empty forms of entertainment, this is about a continuous intellectual and emotional stimulation that awake every individual sensibility and critical thinking. Living with art and artists every day instead of viewing it only in museums and galleries, will give ideas, create social links and stimulate a different kind of long-term motivation and quality exchange.                                                  A SOSENS R&D will bring similar creative benefits to all your organization than a product R&D brings to your customers and a new different dynamic within the organization.                                       

Never, as in today’s times of ultimate uncertainty and becoming, it has been more meaningful to invest in a R&D unit for people.

·       Create new channels for social dialogue                                                                                                           Artists have unique sensibility to understand and interpret relationships between the inner and the outer world, between the individual and society. By allowing them to invent new practices in your organization, they will contribute to create a new feedback channel whose content and quality could not be possible or imagined before. It will tremendously stimulate, affect and improve internal social dialogue in an organic and unbiased way and transform your organization’s quality and value.

How to create a SOSENS R&D in your organization

SOSENS Institute team will propose you a personalized approach for your organization.                     The team follows a company or an institution through phases of planning, designing, and implementing a custom-made Social Sensibility R&D Department.                                                        SOSENS Institute then provides follow-up, monitoring and continuous exchange to secure the department's further development and creative growth.                                                                                 The process normally takes a period of 3-6 months during which one or more artists will be selected as potential SOSENS R&D directors and they are introduced in company life and guided through the process of setting up the department on the base of their personal ideas and of their direct experience in each specific working environment .                                                                                             Once the department is launched and fully functional, artist and the company/institution follow their own specific development while the SOSENS Institute provides support in terms of regular data and information exchange between themselves coordinated by the SOSENS Institute in the forms of annual forums, meetings and online discussions to observe and nourish all aspects and study all different patterns emerging from both the theory and the practice of the research in social sensibility.

Afterwards the Institute will certify by yearly audits that the SOSENS R&D you are managing on your own is still following ethical principles and guidelines that have been built.