Our vision: Invest In Contradiction

At the beginning of the XXI century, humanity seemed to have reached a good level of comfort and peace in history.

Nevertheless, the current derive of progress and the transformations of the economic system have, ultimately, become not sustainable and bring more and more intolerance between people, threatening to undo the fabric of society.

Our contemporary societies have now come to face a scenario with endless complicate contradictions: we, too often, push forward, or are pushed to believe in apparently necessary forms of progress which end up challenging and undermining our future on the long term.

At SOSENS, in the small but therefore intensely ‘real’ scale of a company’s daily working life, we explore and ‘practice’ the complexity and the contradictions of society’s current status, in order to imagine actions that could help building a transition to a model of development in which more sustainable and meaningful relationships between humans, work, life, economy and environment can appear.  

SOSENS explores the roots of people’s interactions, between themselves and within the environment, as we believe that ‘relationships’ can be interpreted and understood as the material of an authentic human progress of which individual and collective ‘sensibility’ is the necessary energy.

Our missions:

  • To develop a Social Sensibility Research and Development Department called SOSENS R&D in the organizational chart of various kind of entities (private and public companies, institutions, organizations).

  • To organize forums with all SOSENS R&D directors in order to gather and to share the data and    results of their research and development.

  • To promote the research on Social Sensibility worldwide as a new kind of field-research -discipline to enhance the quality and the potential of human relationships for a more sustainable and ethical future to come

Our actions: Art is a primary catalyst of human sensibility

Art has no purpose, (it is always risky to give it one), but it has various interesting and tangible “side effects” that can influence the sensibility of those who are exposed to it. 

Social Sensibility attempts to extend this side effects to a larger audience and transform the relationship between people by creating a unique, shared space, conceived around a broader and innovative conceptual and experimental art practice.

Artist Ma YongFeng performance at Bernard Controls Beijing workshop, playing with company moto "Invest in Confidence"

Artist Ma YongFeng performance at Bernard Controls Beijing workshop, playing with company moto "Invest in Confidence"