SOSENS R&D at Bernard Controls

Alessandro Rolandi has started to introduce Chinese and international artists to Bernard Controls China.      They are invited to use the company having a different territory to foster their personal researches. This is     an opportunity for artists to find new sources of inspiration and to question the nature of art itself. As part of   a mutual agreement, artists share their researches with Bernard Controls’ teams in order to help them to develop their sensibility.

23 artists joined the program between 2012 and 2015 and created various projects, all  implemented through the curatorial and artistic support of Alessandro Rolandi as in house Manager of this R&D  department. His flexible profile and extensive experience both as an artist and as a curator provide him the capacity and   the talent to understand and find the subtle balance between the nature of individual artistic practice and the development of the complex relational dynamic that is the ultimate goal of the research on Social Sensibility. Alessandro Rolandi came to the French subsidiary to explore the possibilities to adapt specific projects in France and started an extensive dialogue with the colleagues based on the video and photographic material collected during the first 3-years-long Beijing activity of the department.

Both in China and France this kind of interaction have proven to be capable to enhance and develop       people’s curiosity and specifically to create new opportunities for dialogue: the artists, sharing their time and creative process with people in their working environment, open new frontiers of communication, help to trigger people’s own creative and individual thinking and provide new territories to express them, where both the nature of art and work as we know them are questioned and re-defined.

The SOSENS R&D department at Bernard Controls has opened an unexplored land for people’s future development, in which the immaterial action of “social sculpting” becomes the authentic transformative and artistic act on a material that is not marble, wood or metal, but ‘relation’ itself.